Hangzhou International Conference on Frontiers of Data Sciences
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Theme Hangzhou International Conference on Frontiers of Data Sciences
  • Time 2018.05.18 Registration on May 17, 2018; Meeting on May 18---20, 2018
  • Venue Hangzhou JinXi Hotel
  • Sponsor the Center for Data Science of Zhejiang University

Hangzhou International Conference on Frontiers of Data Science will be held in Hangzhou (中国杭州) from May 18 to May 20, 2018. This will be the first international conference sponsored by the Center for Data Science of Zhejiang University since its establishment in May 2017. Internationally renowned experts in data science will deliver keynote speeches and invited talks during the conference, highlighting major theoretical breakthroughs, displaying the latest advances in technology innovation and applications, and exploring opportunities and challenges for development in data science.    


Date: Meeting on May 18---20, 2018;

Registration on May 17, 2018, (8a.m. -- 9p.m.)

*Dinner will be provided before 9 p.m. to those payed registration fee.                                                    

Venue: Meeting at Hangzhou JinXi Hotel (杭州金溪山庄)

            Registration at JinXi Hotel (金溪山庄) & Yuquan Hotel (玉泉饭店)

Organizer: The Center for Data Science of Zhejiang University

Co-sponsor: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Sci-Tech Alliance of Zhejiang University



1. Committee

Programming Committee

           Tony Cai                                    University of Pennsylvania (USA)

           Qi-Man Shao                             The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

           Zongben Xu                               Xi'an Jiaotong University (China)

           Ming Yuan                                 Columbia Univeristy (USA)

           Heping Zhang                            Yale University (USA,Chair)

Local Organizing Committee 

          Xi Chen                                      Zhejiang University

          Zhonggen Su                               Zhejiang University (Chair)

          Jianwei Yin                                  Zhejiang University

          Lixin Zhang                                 Zhejiang University

          Rongmao Zhang                          Zhejiang University

2. Keynote Speakers


Jianqing FAN

is a statistician and financial econometrician. He is Frederick L. Moore 18 Professor of Finance, Professor of Statistics, and former Chairman of Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at the Princeton University. He is the winner of the 2000 COPSS Presidents Award, Morningside Gold Medal for Applied Mathematics (2007), and Guggenheim Fellow (2009), Pao-Lu Hsu Prize (2013) and Guy Medal in Silver (2014). He was elected to Academia Sinica in 2012.



Zongben XU

is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a mathematician and expert of Signal and Information Processing. He serves as the chief scientist of “The Basic Theory and Key Technology of Intellisense for Unstructured Environment”, the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Project) and Beijing Center for Mathematics and Information Interdisciplinary Sciences.


3. Choice of the hotel (at its own expense)

(1) Hangzhou JinXi Hotel (杭州金溪山庄)

Fee: 750 each room each night (Breakfast included)

Address: No. 39 Yanggongdi, Xihu District


(2) Hangzhou Yuquan Hotel (杭州玉泉饭店)

Fee: 490 each room each night (Breakfast included)

Address: No. 138 Yugu Road, Xihu District


*(a) As it is the peak tourist season in Hangzhou during the conference, the number of rooms is limited.

(b) Rooms cannot be reserved to those who sigh up after April 30th.


(3) Other hotels around (please reserve by yourself)

(a) Hangzhou Lily Hotel (杭州百合花饭店)

Address: No. 156 Shuguang Road, Xihu District




(b) Hangzhou Union Lingfeng Hotel (杭州圆正灵峰山庄)

Address: No. 140 Yugu Road, Xihu District




(c) Seasons Hotel Hangzhou Huanglong Branch (全季酒店杭州黄龙店)

Address: No. 41 Zheda Road, Xihu District



*(1) We will arrange shuttle service during the conference period. Time and venue would be informed later.

(2) Route maps from airport and railway station to hotels can be downloaded at http://cds.zju.edu.cn/download.aspx?k1=8

4. Registration Methods



Please use the link above to register.



May  18


Opening Ceremony

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Heping Zhang


Keynote Speech
Jianqing Fan

Title:Farming in Data Rich Environment

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Heping Zhang


Tea Break


Keynote Speech
Tianxi Cai

Title: Risk Prediction with Imprecise EMR Data

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Tony Cai





Analysis of Biomedical Data

Statistical inference for high dimensional and/or dependent data

Statistical Inference for functional and time series model

Methods for Genomic Data Integration for Studying Complex Diseases

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Ji Zhu


Zhenhui Li

Minge Xie

Hongzhe Lee

Sijian Wang

No.1 Hall

Chair: Lixin Zhang


Xueqin Wang

Junhui Wang

Liping Zhu

Xuejun Jiang

No.2 Hall

Chair: Rongmao Zhang


Yundong Tu

Shaojun Guo

Dong Li

Weidong Liu

No.3 Hall

Chair: Yin Xia


Charles Kooperberg

Li Hsu

Maggie Wang


Tea Break




Advances in high dimensional statistics

New insights for time-dependant data analysis

Statistical and machine learning

Recent Advances in large-scale inference

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Zhonggen Su


Ji Zhu

Qiman Shao

Yazhen Wang

No.1 Hall

Chair: Junhui Wang


Bo Fu

Muyi Li


No.2 Hall

Chair: Xuan Wang


Fei Wu

Juan Shen

Haoji Hu

No.3 Hall

Chair: Jiayang Sun


Luella Fu

Yingying Li

Zijian Guo

May 19




Modern statistical theory and method

Bigdata oriented software and arichitecture

Statistical Methods for Complex and High Dimensional Data

Advances in Omics Data Analysis

No.1 Hall

Chair: Weidong Liu


Zou Yu

Cheng Wang

Catherine Liu

Shan Luo

No.2 Hall

Chair:Jianwei Yin


Tao Xie

Zhonghua Deng

Xi Li

No.3 Hall

Chair: Ying Chen


Jia Guo

Xiaofei Xu

Zhengxiao Wu

Jin-Ting Zhang

Guibin Hall

Chair: Li Hsu


Jiayang Sun

Lin Chen

Jing Li

Zhangsheng Yu


Tea Break




Large scale hypothesis testing

 Bigdata application and engineering

Advances in statistical learning

Theory and methods for high-dimensional data analysis

No.1 Hall

Chair: Wei Huang


Qifan Song

Tong Li

Kai Zhang

No.2 Hall

Chair: Gang Chen


OOI Beng Chin

Yang Liu

Daning Hu

No.3 Hall

Chair: Peng Zhang


Zoltan Szabo

Samory Kpotufe

Yiming Ying

Guibin Hall

Chair: Yazhen Wang


Harrison Zhou

Xinghua Zheng

Yin Xia




Recent methodology development in handling high-dimensional large scale data in biomedical science

Internet credit rating and  modeling

Statistics Plus

Robust inference and longitudinal data analysis

No.1 Hall

No.2 Hall

No.3 Hall

Guibin Hall

Chair: Charles Kooperberg


Gang Li

Tiejun Tong

Xiang Chen

Jun Chen

Chair: Kewei Liang


George Tseng

Peiyuan Du

Danyang Huang

Bofei Xiao

Chair: Liping Zhu


Canhong Wen

Xiaohua Douglas Zhang

Yuling Jiao


Chair: Niansheng Tang


Guoyou Qin

Yuanyuan Lin

An-ming Tang

Yemao Xia



May 20






Statistical computation and its applications

Model selection and inference on covariance matrix

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Kejun He



Tao Huang

Qian Lin

Shiyuan He

Zhou Zhao

No.1 Hall

Chair: Yi Zhang



Shurong Zheng

Binyan Jiang

Peng Zhang


Tea Break






Covariates test and variable selection

Investigation for Some Challenge Problems

Jinxi Hall

Chair: Xueqin Wang



Jun Fan

Hai Zhang

Yanlin Tang

No.1 Hall

Chair: Qihua Wang



Xingfa Zhang

Xinbing Kong

Jinyuan Chang


7. Contact

Ms. Weina Su              Email: suweina@zju.edu.cn



Warmly welcome researchers and graduate students across the world to join



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